Technical Program and Meetings

A downloadable, PDF version of the Final Program is available.

All technical papers and short courses will be presented in the Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista hotel.

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Location: Grand Ballroom
Monday, July 8
09:10 - 10:40
IF116: Propagation in Tunnels Grand Ballroom
IF117: Propagation in Indoor Environments Grand Ballroom
IF118: Propagation Channel Modeling Grand Ballroom
IF119: Matching Approaches for Small Antennas Grand Ballroom
14:20 - 15:50
IF135: Scattering, Diffraction, and RCS I Grand Ballroom
IF136: Scattering, Diffraction, and RCS II Grand Ballroom
IF137: Satellite and Terrestrial Propagation Grand Ballroom
Tuesday, July 9
09:10 - 10:40
IF218: Hybrid Methods Grand Ballroom
IF219: Fast Methods Grand Ballroom
IF220: Fast Methods for Integral Equations Grand Ballroom
IF221: Dosimetry and Exposure Assessment Grand Ballroom
Wednesday, July 10
09:10 - 10:40
IF318: Electromagnetic Imaging and Sensing Applications Grand Ballroom
IF319: Microwave Imaging of the Breast Grand Ballroom
IF320: Therapeutic electromagnetic-induced heating or stimulation of tissue Grand Ballroom
IF321: Medical Sensing and Monitoring Grand Ballroom
14:20 - 15:50
IF340: Human Body Interactions with Antennas and Other Electromagnetic Devices Grand Ballroom
IF341: Antennas for Biomedical Applications Grand Ballroom
IF342: Vehicular Antennas Grand Ballroom
Thursday, July 11
09:10 - 10:40
IF418: Theoretical Electromagnetics Grand Ballroom
IF419: Guided Wave Structures and FSS windows Grand Ballroom
IF420: Wireless Propagation in Vehicular Environments Grand Ballroom
14:20 - 15:50
IF440: Antenna Feeds and Matching I Grand Ballroom
IF441: Antenna Feeds and Matching II Grand Ballroom
IF442: Antenna Feeds and Matching III Grand Ballroom
IF443: Electromagnetics Education Grand Ballroom